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Cover Image policy values The Virginia Board for People with Disabilities advises the Governor, legislators and government agencies on public policy issues affecting people with DD. Our Policy Values Statement reflects the guiding values the Board uses to develop and promote policy positions that advance opportunities for independence, personal decision-making and full participation in community life for individuals with developmental and other disabilities.

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People with disabilities have a civil right to receive services and supports in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs and desires. We support options and services that help people live, work, learn, and engage in all parts of community life.

We believe all people should receive equitable, person-centered, and inclusive education appropriate to their needs. We support the use of evidence-based practices, starting with early childcare settings and continuing through postsecondary education, that are necessary to assist Virginians with developmental disabilities in reaching their full potential.

VBPD believes in the dignity of work and, with appropriate supports, everyone can work in a competitive-paying job that suits their skills. We support policies that create and promote competitive, integrated employment options for Virginians with developmental disabilities.

VBPD believes that healthcare includes mental, physical, and holistic wellness. We support accessible, affordable, evidence-based healthcare that is responsive to the unique needs of every individual with a disability.

VBPD believes that all Virginians have the right to affordable, accessible, appropriate housing of their choosing. VBPD supports policy solutions that provide the infrastructure and funding necessary to address and expand accessible, affordable housing options for people with developmental disabilities.

VBPD believes people with disabilities are experts in their own needs and desires. They, and their chosen support network, must be included in the decision-making processes that affect their lives. VBPD believes everyone is entitled to the “dignity of risk”1 and should have the freedom and supports they need to make their own decisions. We support policies and practices that give self-advocates a voice.

Policy Positions

DD Network Response to Partnerships for Innovation, Inclusion and Independence (PIII) Proposal

08-07-2017: Public Comment on proposed Partnerships for Innovation, Inclusion and Independence Program


12-11-2017: VBPD Statement on Net Neutrality Regulations

Community Integration

07-18-2023: VBPD Comment on Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Amendment

03-30-2023: VBPD Comment on FIS Waiver Renewal Application

11-03-2021: A joint letter from the VBPD, the Arc of VA, and vaACCSES regarding DMAS plans investing freed up general fund dollars for home and community based services

11-03-2021: A letter to DMAS providing comment on the DD waiver provider manual, Chapter 4

03-20-2021: VBPD Comment on Marcus Alert System

03-25-2021: VBPD Comment Final DD Waiver Regulations

04-01-2019: 4-1-2019 VBPD Comment on Draft DD Waiver Regulations

03-25-2019: VBPD Comment on Revised Statewide Transition Plan for Compliance with the Home & Community Based Services Final Regulation’s Settings Requirements

03-19-2019: VBPD 3-19 Comment on Community Living Waiver Renewal Application

03-16-2018: VBPD Comment on BI and FIS Waiver Renewal Apps

03-13-2017: DBHDS Policy 4038 (CSB) 94-1 Department and CSB Roles in Providing Services to Children Under the Children’s Services Act

04-04-2016: Revised Virginia Statewide Transition Plan for Compliance with CMS Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Final Regulation's Settings Requirements.

02-29-2016: DMAS/DBHDS Amendments to the Intellectual Disability (ID), Individual and Family Developmental Disability (DD) Supports, and Day Support (DS) 1915(c) Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid Waivers:

01-15-2016: DBHDS Policy 1021 (SYS) 07-0 Core Services


03-20-2020: Developmental Disabilities Network Letter regarding COVID-19

07-17-2020: Letter to Governor - Reasonable Access to Disability Support Personnel in Health Care Settings

Developmental Services

03-13-2017: DBHDS Policy 4038 (CSB) 94-1 Department and CSB Roles in Providing Services to Children Under the Children’s Services Act

02-08-2017: VBPD Comment on Regulations for Children's Residential Facilities

10-31-2017: Request for Stakeholder Comments on Initial Draft Revisions to DBHDS Regulations Following Periodic Review

09-15-2016: DBHDS Policy 1007 (SYS) 86-2, Behavioral Health and Developmental Services for Children and Adolescents and their Families

09-15-2016: DBHDS Policy 4037 (CSB) 9102, Early Intervention for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities and their Families

02-19-2016: DBHDS Transformation Team Recommendations


05-25-2021: VBPD VDOE Sexual Health IEP Guidelines Comments

01-09-2021: VBPD Letter to Education Committee Members

04-11-2019: VBPD Comment on Proposed Restraint & Seclusion Regulations

03-29-2019: VBPD & CISS Public Comment on Regulations Governing the Use of Seclusion and Restraint

11-30-2018: VBPD Response to Richmond Times-Dispatch Regarding Educating Children with Autism

10-11-2018: Joint VBPD-PEATC Comment to the Office of Children's Services on Proposed Private Day School Outcome Measures

07-06-2018: Increasing School Safety by Investing in Student Supports, Legal Aid Justice Center Coalition Letter

01-05-2018: VBPD Comments on Standards of Accreditation

10-17-2016: BOE Proposed Regulations Governing the Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in Virginia, Coalition for Improving School Safety

03-23-2016: BOE Proposed Regulations Governing the Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in Virginia, Coalition for Improving School Safety


09-14-2018: VBPD Comment on DARS EESLTESS Workgroup Recommendations

03-16-2018: VBPD Comment on Virginia's Combined State Plan Modifications

03-14-2016:Commonwealth Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Combined State Plan to the Virginia Board of Workforce Development


12-15-2022: VBPD Comment on Managed Care Procurement

06-10-2020: VBPD Letter on COVID-19 Data Regarding People with Disabilities

08-12-2019: Virginia Oral Health Coalition Medicaid Advocacy Letter

02-13-2019: VBPD Comment on Proposed CCC Plus Program Part 1 Regulations

09-20-2018: VBPD Comments to DMAS on CCC Plus Contract

09-10-2018: Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits, Virginia Oral Health Coalition and Partners

06-08-2018: Addressing the Needs of Individuals in Virginia with ASD and Co-Occurring Behavioral Health Conditions

10-31-2017: Comment on Draft 2018 CCC Plus Contract

05-05-2017: VBPD Statement on AHCA Passage in the US House of Representatives

01-05-2016: Virginia's Section 1115 Waiver Application to Department of Medical Assistance Services


04-26-2017: DARS Proposed Amendments to Regulations on Auxiliary Grants-Third Party Payments


03-07-2018: VBPD Comment on Draft Amendments re Settlement Agreement Compliance

12-12-2017: VBPD Comment on Rules and Regulations For Licensing Providers by DBHDS

Disability Commission

NACDD Policy